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Mission: Our mission at Presidential Doodles is to provide a comprehensive and engaging platform for documenting, analyzing, and celebrating the doodles and sketches of past and present American Presidents. By delving into this unique aspect of their creativity, we strive to enrich public understanding of these individuals and their presidency, while also offering a fresh perspective on their personal lives and inner thoughts.

Vision: Our vision is to create an authoritative and engaging online hub that showcases the fascinating world of presidential artwork. We aim to transport visitors into the minds of presidents, offering insight into their thought processes, moments of inspiration, and even moments of diversion from their political responsibilities. Through Presidential Doodles, we seek to unlock new layers of understanding and intrigue surrounding these influential figures.


Presidential Doodles was born out of the captivating imagination and keen eye of our founder, Carol Hartman. With a lifelong fascination for American presidential history and aesthetics, Carol noticed an untapped opportunity to explore the little-known world of presidential doodling. Combining her passion for art and history, she sought to shed light on the intimate yet often overlooked doodles left behind by these awe-inspiring leaders.

After years of meticulous research and sourcing rare doodles through various channels, Carol embarked on a journey to curate an avant-garde collection of presidential sketches. Determined to share her findings with the world, she assembled a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members to lend their expertise to this groundbreaking project.

The Website’s Objective

Presidential Doodles was created to be the ultimate online resource for enthusiasts, scholars, and casual art lovers interested in exploring the intriguing world of presidential doodles. Our objective is to provide a user-friendly platform where visitors can immerse themselves in these unique pieces of art, gaining new insights into US presidents while offering a refreshing lens through which to view history.

Target Audience

Our platform caters to a diverse range of individuals, including historians, researchers, educators, political enthusiasts, and the simply curious. Whether you find solace in the realms of art, have a fascination for history, or seek a fresh perspective on the lives of influential figures, Presidential Doodles extends an invitation to explore the intersection of creativity and governance.

Unique Value

Presidential Doodles stands out for its unrivaled collection of carefully curated, rarely seen sketchwork by American presidents. The website showcases an expansive assortment of doodles, providing visitors an extraordinary opportunity to glimpse into the minds and inner thoughts of past and present leaders.

The uniqueness of Presidential Doodles is complemented by our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. Their wealth of advanced knowledge in art, history, and presidential studies guarantees that our content is meticulously researched, rich in context, and substantiated with primary resources.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unlock the secrets hidden within the strokes of a sketch. Presidential Doodles is more than a website; it is a gateway to a hidden dimension of creative expression and historical significance. Explore with us today!

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